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John Marsh, Baliscate House, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, PA75 6QA

Tel 01688 302048 email


Antler Designs bespoke chandeliers featured on ITV's 60 Minute Makeover

John's chandeliers recently featured in a home make over by Linda Barker



A basic circular chandelier is available from 450, more elaborate pieces will cost more.  Candle chandeliers also have a price scale depending on size and complexity but are relatively cheaper than electric.


These unique chandeliers are individually created mainly from naturally cast red deer antlers.  Casting is a natural process, the deer drop and regrow their antlers every year and they are collected and selected for various uses. 

 A large stock of antlers is required to make quality chandeliers that have a well balanced composition as each antler is unique in shape.  This distinguishes the product from chandeliers made from resin (also described as cast because they are cast in a mould) which are popular in America.

The antlers are well secured together and most of the wiring involved in an electric chandelier is hidden within the centre of the antler.  Candle chandeliers are also available.



dimensions 2' diameter x 20" high

example dimensions 32" diameter x 30"

example dimensions 32" diameter x 28"


dimensions 32" diameter x 28" high

Top Shop uses Antler Designs' chandeliers



Top Shop featured John's chandeliers in their store displays in New York and their flagship store in Oxford Circus, London and stores all over the UK





Prices are based on size and complexity of design, starting from  450  - .  Postage & packing charged at cost.

Please email to enquire about what chandeliers we have available at the moment

dimensions 2' diameter

dimensions 20" x 22" high


For Sale from  450.00 single chain, single light dimensions 23" length x 10" width


John Marsh, Baliscate House, Tobermory,
Isle of Mull, PA75 6QA

Tel 01688 302048  email

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